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Spirit Airlines Checked Baggage Fee, Size, And Weight Limit Explained

Well, if you travel through Spirit Airlines then it means you are a smart traveler. But, it doesn’t mean that you are a smart packer as well? If you book Spirit Airlines reservations online but book checked baggage at the airport just before the departure of the flight then, one thing is clear; you pay more and get less. It means, you are at the losing end. What you might not have known is the fact that you can save more with Spirit Airlines. More specifically, you can save a lot on checked baggage while traveling with Spirit Airlines. As we are talking about how you can save more on Spirit Airlines checked baggage, it is important to learn the Spirit Airlines checked baggage policy.

Just to be more precise, you must know about Spirit checked bag size, weight limit, and dimensions. Knowledge about how much you need to pay for your checked baggage and how much you can carry on Spirit Airlines can save up to $200 or more. So, let’s get started:  

Does Spirit come with a checked bag?

Spirit Airlines definitely lets the users travel with checked baggage. And for that, Spirit Airlines charges a fee. How much can be the fee and where one can carry the checked baggage depends upon the size and weight of the checked baggage. The larger is the size and higher is the weight of the checked baggage the more will be the checked baggage fee. This is the simple mantra of Spirit Airlines checked baggage policy.

 However, those who are going to carry one small personal bag don't need to pay anything extra. Why? Because Spirit Airlines allow one small carry-on baggage if it is under the prescribed limit for weight, size, and dimensions. To be very clear, one can carry any bag whose dimensions are 18x14x8 inches. In other words, one can carry a carry-on baggage for free on Spirit Airlines whose length, breadth, and width are as 45x35x20 in Centimeters.

How much does Spirit Airlines charge for checked baggage?

The fees and charges for checked baggage on Spirit Airline largely depend upon the two things: number of bags and size of the bags. If your carry-on bag is more than 22X18X10 inches then Spirit Airlines will consider it as a checked baggage and might charge up to $55 if you book it at the airport. But, on the other hand, if you book your checked baggage online while making the reservation then you have to pay only $41.

To ensure no doubt is left in your mind about Spirit checked baggage price, below I have mentioned the current price:

Baggage Type

During Booking (Standard Fare)

During Booking ($9 Fare Club)

Before Online Check-In (Standard Fare)

Before Online Check-In ($9 Fare Club)

Carry-On Bag





1st Checked Bag





2nd Checked Bag





3rd-5th Checked Bag





How to avoid the fees on checked baggage on Spirit Airlines?

Whenever it comes to saving money on Spirit checked baggage, Spirit $9 fare club membership comes to my mind. Yes, this premium membership can do wonders in your attempt  to save money on Spirit checked baggage. You can think of it as a yearly subscription which costs up to $70 per year and lets the passengers save up to $10 on each baggage. It means, if you are going to carry three checked baggage then with the $9 fare club enabled you will be able to save up to $30. It means, you can recover the subscription fee in your two or three flight reservations in which you need to carry 3-4 checked baggage. 

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