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How Do I Cancel My Spirit $9 Fare Club And Get Refund 2022

If you think Spirit $9 fare club is the best way to book cheap airfares on Spirit then think twice. Why? Because the ground reality is quite different. First thing first, in sharp contrast to its name, Spirit $9 fare club membership costs $59.95 per year. And what makes things worse is the fact that its membership cost increases when it comes to renewal. 

Yes, be informed that in order to renew Spirit $9 fare club, subscribers have to pay $69.95. In addition to the higher subscription fee, the $9 fare club doesn’t always prove to be effective. Spirit $9 fare club doesn’t apply on all available flights. If you check the Spirit Airlines Reservations site, you might be disappointed as only a few flights will be available with a $9 fare club. That’s the main reason why a lot of people could be seen asking questions – how to cancel Spirit $9 fare club membership?

To be very clear, when people say, “how do I cancel my Spirit $9 fare club,” they usually mean, “ can I cancel Spirit $9 fare club trials” or “ Will I get a refund from Spirit after canceling $9 fare club membership”. The answers to these questions lie in understanding the Spirit membership cancellation policy. In case you don’t have time and patience to read about Spirit $9 fare club cancellation policy then feel free to contact us and get assistance.

Can I cancel $9 fare club membership on Spirit?

Yes, you definitely can cancel the Spirit $9 fare club membership with ease of mind in just a few simple clicks. No matter what the reason you have behind canceling the Spirit Saver$ club membership, by just logging into your Spirit account you can disable your yearly subscription.

By doing so, you can prevent the Spirit Airlines from charging your card. The content below will help you understand the simple steps to cancel the $9 Spirit saver club membership but before that let’s first understand the consequences of closing your Spirit saver membership.

Let’s put the first thing first. One thing is clear once you cancel the $9 fare club membership on Spirit, you will not be eligible to book the flight on ultra-low-fare. Moreover, you will not be allowed to book member-only bags, seats, and more. In short, we can say that you will not get exclusive services from Spirit Airlines.

What’s more important to understand is the fact that Spirit Airlines does not offer a refund for canceling the $9 fare club. So, be careful before canceling the $9 fare club membership. 

The same is true with Spirit $9 fare club trials. If you cancel the trial of $9 saver club membership, you will not get the refund of what you had paid ($19.95). 

So, consider canceling the fare club membership on Spirit if you want to stop Spirit Airlines from charging your card in future. Get more information about the steps to follow to cancel your subscriptions on Spirit.  

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How do I cancel my Spirit $9 Fare Club? 

Now let’s get to the most important part of all – how can you cancel your Spirit $9 fare club? It’s super simple. If you follow the steps in the sequence I have laid out right below here, you will be 

able to cancel your saver club subscription in a totally effortless manner.

  • So, as a first to cancel your $9 fare club, log in to your Spirit account.
  • Now get into the My Account Page section.
  • Find and select the Saver$ Club tab.
  • After that just do as mentioned on the screen and select the cancel tab.
  • If you have any doubt, I recommend you to get in touch with Spirit Airlines customer service.

 How to get a refund after canceling the Spirit $9 fare club?

What is Spirit Airlines $9 Fare Club customer service phone number for a refund? It might be your next question. Well, let’s not forget what I have told you already in the above section. And that is Spirit Airlines does not allow refunds for canceling the $9 Saver club fare subscription. Though it does not mean that you should not cancel the Spirit fare saver club subscription. Why? Because if you don’t cancel the subscription then Spirit Airlines will again charge your card once your subscription reaches the expiration date. 

But, still contacting the Spirit Airlines customer service can be your best bet as sometimes Spirit accepts the refund request as a goodwill gesture. Spirit Airlines customer service number is 855-728-3555. On this number, you can call and ask questions about cancellation. And for a refund, you can contact us and get assistance. 

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