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Spirit Airlines Baggage Allowance, Price, And, Size Explained

Booking flights and all types of travel reservations is a bit easier now than before with Spirit Airlines. The same is true with booking seats, meals, additional services, and baggage. In just a few minutes by contacting the Spirit Airline customer service passenger can book everything with ease of mind. Let’s not forget that booking additional service means additional payments. And booking baggage by calling Spirit Airlines means more additional payment in comparison to booking the baggage at the time of making reservations. With that being said, I mean, when you call Spirit Airlines to book baggage, you have to pay more. So, the million-dollar question is – why pay more for booking baggage if you can book baggage online on your own at the time of booking a flight?

If you want to pay less and get more while traveling with Spirit then you must read this post. In the post, we are going to discuss everything that you need to know about Spirit Airlines baggage allowance. To be very clear, in the content below, we are going to discuss Spirit baggage prices, size, and weight. If you wish, you can contact us and have a word with a Spirit representative.

What is Spirit Airlines baggage policy? What size bag can you carry on Spirit Airlines for free in 2022? Let’s find the answers to such questions in the content below.  

What baggage is included with Spirit?

Is a backpack free on Spirit? This is quite a legitimate question. Why? Because like all other airlines, Spirit also earns money from baggage allowance. But, it doesn’t mean that Spirit charges for all kinds of baggage. Passengers, certainly, can carry one small backpack or small handbag with him/her into flight. It means a small backpack for one or two personal items comes for free with a Spirit Airlines ticket. Just to be more precise, you can carry one small backpack up to the size of 18*14*8 Inches. And in terms of Centimeters dimensions are 45*35*20 including handles and wheels.

What are the Spirit Airlines baggage prices 2022?

Here comes the most exciting part of this post as we are going to discuss how much Spirit charges for carry-on, and checked bags. Before that let’s understand the difference between carry-on and checked bags in terms of dimensions decided by Spirit Airlines.

Any bag which is a maximum of 22*18*10 inches or 56*46*25 cm in size is considered to be a carry-on bag. On the other hand, checked bags are those bags whose length is 62 linear inches. It further means, the sum of length, width, and height of a bag if is 62 inches or more then that is considered as checked bags which is kept in the dedicated baggage compartments. As checked baggage happens to be larger and heavier in size and weight, Spirit Airlines charges for checked baggage.

How much Spirit charges for baggage largely depends upon the fact when you book the baggage. It is worthwhile to note that; passengers can book baggage with Spirit in two stages. First, at the time of booking the flight ticket or doing web-check in. And thirdly, they can book the baggage after reaching the airport. As there are three different ways of booking baggage, so there are different charges as mentioned below:

  • Carry-on Baggage  $41 While Online check-in with standard fare $55 At Airport
  • 1st checked Baggage  $36 while online check-in with standard fare $50 At Airport
  • 2nd checked Baggage $46 while online check-in with standard fare $60 At Airport
  • 3rd – 5th  Chk. Baggage    $91 while online check-in with standard fare   $100 At Airport

 How to avoid baggage fees on Spirit?

Well, there is no way to avoid the full baggage fee. Though by being a premium member of Spirit Airlines, you can save a lot on Spirit baggage allowance. Be informed that Spirit has put in place a $9 Saver Club. This is a paid subscription to those who love to travel with Spirit Airlines frequently. By subscribing to this premium service you can save a lot not only on tickets but also on baggage allowance, seat selection, meals, etc. In addition to the $9 Fare Club membership, you can consider signing up for the Spirit Free Travel Credit card and save a lot. To know more about these two services, feel free to reach us.

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