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Car Rental In Houston Directly From Airport to Your Destination

It doesn't matter whether you are traveling to Houston for a vacation, business trip, or family get-together. We all know the rush of car rental in Houston. The airport is the area where the price of car rental affects the most. Saving money at the airport is next to impossible, especially on car rental. But what if we told you you can get cheap rental cars in Houston. Sounds impressive, right? Well yes, it is possible but all the benefits come with their terms and conditions we can't forget that. 

We have covered everything you need to know about car rental services in Houston in this post. When it comes to car rental, Spirit Airlines comes with great reviews and facilities. But why? Are they providing the best facilities? Is this method easy and convenient? What does it cost to hire a Spirit taxi in Houston? I’ll walk you through the whole Process and Every question like this will be clear as ice when you scroll down and read this post till the end. 

Car Rental At Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) 

George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) is one of the most saleable airports in Houston, Texas, United States. So why should we pre-book a car in Houston? Because a local taxi in Houston will charge you a fortune. Safety is the priority of every passenger and we are not fully sure about local taxis. We are completely new to the place with no knowledge about roads and destinations. We are fully dependent on our driver, who should be 100 percent trustworthy. 

Spirit Airlines have a feature to pre-book a car and provide all the necessary information like car type, price, driver details, etc. so there is no need to worry about safety or fare price. Hiring a Spirit taxi in Houston will cost you a fare plus having detail of the driver is very promising. You can share the details for safety purposes.

How can I get cheap rental cars in Houston?

Most of the passengers don't know about the concept of the price taxi charge. Well, there is, of course, a Kilometer price which is decided by your destination and the distance you covered. Apart from it you also have to pay the Base fee and Wait for a charge. If a taxi has been waiting for you then you have to pay them per hour. The fixed rate of waiting charge has been decided at $24 per hour for taxis. Hiring a taxi in Houston is causing a deep pocket. There are some ways you can save your money Perhaps unsurprisingly most people are unaware of it. Let's just talk about tips that are going to help you not even once but every time you plan a trip. 

  • Night time traveling will cost you more than daytime as per car rental in Houston point of view 
  • You can save your money by booking a small car. Obviously, luxury cars will cost you more so if you wanna cut the budget just book a small or general car. 
  • 25% of our customers found rental cars in Houston George Bush Intcntl Airport for 6,601 or less.
  • Pre-booking your car will save you money by not spending it on waiting for the charge and paying the fare amount 
  • There are 4 terminals A, B, C, D, and E which may sound confusing but you should be clear about where is your car waiting for you to save waiting for a charge 
  • You should book your car at least 24 hrs before your flight land 

Why should I hire a Spirit taxi in Houston? 

We already mentioned why booking a car is beneficial for you. Now let's discuss why you should hire a Spirit taxi in Houston. Basically, we are talking about what spirit Airlines is providing that will make your travel comfortable and affordable. Spirit airlines provide a package that includes all the basic facilities you are looking for during vacation like food, beverage, hotel, car rental, etc. even if you didn't choose the vacation package still you can book your car rental at Houston airport separately. Spirit airlines will charge you per mile when you book a spirit taxi. In addition with all these facilities given below.

  • You only have to pay on pick up 
  • You can do only check-in 
  • Information about drivers already shared by the airline 
  • Free cancellation provided 
  • Spirit taxis have a fare and fix price per mile for every passenger 
  • Personal effects protection also known as PEP is also provided 
  • There are many coupons and discount offers provided by airlines occasionally which you can not find when you travel with local taxis. 
  • You will get a damage consultation when there is any problem with the airline or drive 
  • There is a personal accident insurance 
  • You can get a great deal if you are a member of spirit clubs 
  • There is a benefit or third party liability which means that if anything happens to you the airline will bear the loss like if the driver didn't show up if your luggage is misplaced, touchwood but if you meet with any accident or mishappening. 

How can I hire a Spirit taxi in Houston 

After knowing all the benefits of hiring a Spirit taxi in Houston you must be interested in it now the question arises How can I hire a Spirit taxi in Houston? The answer to this question is simple and clear without any doubt. There are 3 ways to hire a Spirit taxi in Houston. The first one is to book directly from the spirit airline website. Due to any reason if you were unable to book from the website you can book it via the phone application of spirit Airlines. The third and last way is to, book by calling the toll-free number provided on their website and application.  


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