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What Vacation Package Provide Apart From Spirit Car Rental

It's a familiar story and it usually goes like this: you plan a trip, book the best flight possible, save money on trip shopping and flight booking and lose it all on a vehicle to travel on the trip. Tourist places are meant for expansive traveling and food as their business runs from these 2 basic things. You have no idea about the amount usually charged by cabs or taxis. Your whole budget can be shattered if they charge you more than you plan. It can directly affect your vacation 

So how is the vacation plan helping you out? For starters, the spirit rents a car so there is no tension in traveling. You can save a fortune by pre-booking your car. You can use that money on your trip which will make it even more enjoyable. But every package has its terms and conditions. What facilities are they providing apart from spirit flight and car rental? Is its beneficiary? How to book this package? What are the requirements? These are some very important questions which should be cleared before booking a package. Our motive is to make your trip comfortable and on budget. Read this article till the end then decide for yourself, whether you need this package or not? Because we are going to clear every basic detail regarding  Spirit Airlines flight and car rental

What is included in the vacation package?

The vacation package provides you with all the facilities which make your vacation wonderful. What are the things you worry about while planning a vacation? Hotels, traveling, food, places to visit, and most important budget. Now let's discuss what the vacation package is providing so that we could know if it is fulfilling our demands or not. 

  • Vacation packages help to book hotels. You can directly contact the hotel for special requests like cribs, non-smoking rooms, etc 
  • Vacation packages are located only in the U.S., Canada, Latin America, and the Caribbean.
  • Spirit rents a car under a vacation package which will allow you to rent a car if you are 21 + years old and in a certain place, you must be more than 25 year old.  
  • The vacation package does not include resort fees 
  • The vacation package does not include car taxes and surcharges.  
  • You can not add a hotel or car to an existing package. 
  • Midweek (Thursday - Sunday) booking prices are comparatively less expensive than weekdays 
  • The vacation page applies to the particular area it doesn't allow multi-city travel  
  • You can book up to 4 rooms and a maximum of 8 traveler 
  • The vacation package does not provide a ticket price. You have to pay for the ticket separately.  

How can I book a spirit vacation package? 

If you like the features the spirit vacation package provides especially Spirit car rental then you must be wondering about booking one. Well, it is a piece of cake to book a spirit vacation package. You can visit the spirit website and book a package for yourself or you can also call Spirit customer services to book a package. You can also apply a promotional code for getting the best deal out of it. You can also get a Spirit Airlines rental car discount if you choose a car brand selectively. Please contact the Spirit support number. Monday to Friday 8 am to 10 pm (Eastern Standard Time) Saturday and Sunday (including holidays) 9 am to 6 pm (Eastern Standard Time). If you are a club member you will get a great deal out of it. 

What kind of Spirit Packages are there? 

There are 2 kinds of packages you will see under vacation packages EP and AI. EP stands for European Plan and AI stands for All-Inclusive. Under EP (European Plan) you will not provide facilities like meals or beverages. That's why it is comparatively cheaper. Hotel room and room service are the only facilities you will get in the EP package. AI (All-Inclusive) is very clear by its name itself. All the facilities like food and beverage are included in this package. 

What are the terms and conditions of the vacation package?

Before buying any package you must know all the terms and conditions to avoid any confusion. These are the terms and conditions of the vacation package which will help you to know the package even more. 

  • For Spirit car rental you must be 21year old or more and in a certain city 25 years old  or more. 
  • Valid at participating budget airports in the United States, Canada, Latin America, and the Caribbean.
  • FREE SPIRIT membership numbers are required to rent a car 
  • Miles does not earn free 
  • Miles earned in one frequent traveler program per rental.
  • You can only choose up to 4 rooms 
  • You can only choose from 8 traveler 

How can I get the best price for a vacation package?

If you are qualified for a vacation plan you can easily book it from the spirit Airlines website or by calling 877-474-8006. If you are looking for a spirit airlines rental car discount and package discount. Here are the points which can directly help you out. 

  • Being a member of the Saver$ club will provide you with the best price out of the deal. 
  • Adding the age of the traveler reflect the package price as different age group cost differently 
  • Many hotels don't charge for children to visit so if you are traveling with a child do research about hotel policy. 
  • Choose EP (European Plan) for saving money on packages. However, this will reflect your food and beverage services as EP does not provide food and beverages. Many travelers preferred local food while traveling rather than hotel food so if you are that kind of traveler EP sounds perfect for your vacation package. 
  • Spirit flight and car rental depending on the type of flight and car you rented. You can change this for saving money by choosing an economical class and cheap car so that you can use that money on your vacation.  

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