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How to Cancel a Spirit Flight? Cancel Spirit Reservations

You can cancel a Spirit Flight any time 

If you are a frequent Spirit flyer, you might be aware of how notorious Spirit airlines can be when it comes to the Spirit cancellation refund policy. Most of the Spirit flyers are conscious of the fact that Spirit Airlines does not offer refundable tickets to keep the fares as low as possible. This might put an itch in your head asking “How to cancel a Spirit flight and get a refund?”

 Just like any major airline Spirit also offers a risk-free cancellation duration, where you can cancel your Spirit Airlines flight and ask for a complete refund without paying any cancellation charges.

 How to cancel Spirit Flight within 24 hours?

 Almost every airline in the United States has a zero-liability risk-free cancellation window. And so does Spirit Airlines as well.

  •  According to the Spirit 24 hours cancellation policy, any passenger can cancel his or her flight within 24 hours of making reservations and request a full refund. But this is only applicable when your scheduled flight is 7 days or more away.
  • So, as per the Spirit cancellation policy, if your scheduled flight takes off within 24 hours then you may not be entitled to a full refund till quantified by Spirit Airlines.
  • Moreover, you can ask for a change 4 hours prior to your flight. However, alteration charges have to be paid along with the fare difference.

 How much is Spirit Airlines' cancellation fee

 The passengers are advised to talk to the Spirit Airlines team to know about the Spirit cancellation policy fee while facing any problems with cancellation. By contacting Spirit Airlines customer service, the passenger can get solutions to all the problems they may be facing during the Spirit flight cancellation.

  •  Regular fare tickets are not as expensive. But making modifications to the flight may cost around $90 online and $100 at the airport or over the phone. The same day flight-changes or standby for a sooner flight will cost $99.


  •  Flexible flight fare tickets come with the option of flexible flight changes at no cost for the first modification made online. But after the first modification, $90 will be charged for the second modification done online and $100 for the modification done over the phone.


  •  Award tickets modification fee structure is $110 for changes and the modification can only be done over the phone.

 Spirit cancellation policy Covid

 With the rise of the pandemic, the travel industry faced many downfalls but came back around just as fast. Spirit Airlines as a response to Covid made many alterations to the cancellation policies by waiving all cancellation charges as well as the modification charges.

 Spirit Airlines cancellations are not offering refund issues in 2022. But are providing the full value of the reservation in the form of Spirit travel credits. These travel credits are applicable for 6 months.

With this, you get flexible travel options through credits due to Covid -19.

 How to cancel Spirit flight reservation?

 Cancel Spirit flight through the Spirit website.

  •  Open your browser and visit
  •  On the landing page press the “My trips” option.
  •  Enter your name and ticket credentials.
  •  When logged in, click on the cancel button.
  •  Select among the list of reasons for canceling your flight.
  •  Click on “Submit”.

 Cancel Spirit flight through Spirit Airlines Customer Service

  •  Open your browser and go to
  •  On the top right-hand side click on “contact us”.
  •  You get the option of chatting with the Spirit customer service, texting the customer service on WhatsApp and calling the Spirit reservation department.

 How often does Spirit cancel flights?

 Spirit is an ultra-low-cost bargain Airline. Unfortunately, 18 percent of Spirit flights are delayed or canceled, including the covid rampage where 1 in every 25 Spirit flights in October 2021 was canceled.

 How to avoid Spirit cancellation fee?

 When a passenger thinks about canceling a flight due to any reason, the question “Can you cancel a spirit flight for free?” keeps on wandering in their heads. But the truth is that many ways of canceling a Spirit flight and getting a full refund are possible in 2022.

 Donotpay is an online robot law firm. It assists people in issuing refunds from big brands and organizations. Services by Donotpay include issuing a refund for a canceled Spirit flight as well.

  •  Writing a letter to the Spirit Airlines customer service with an explanation regarding cancellation and refund can also help you get your flight money back.
  • Talking to Spirit customer service can also help you with the issuance of a full refund.

However, texting and SMSing the Spirit customer service can prove to be of no use if you intend to get your money back for your canceled flight.

 How bad is Spirit Airlines?

 If you assume Spirit is bad considering the cancellation fees and flexibility, then your assumptions could not be more wrong. Truth is that Spirit offers the most competitive and low-cost fares compared to other airlines. And if you are a frequent Spirit flyer the best option for you is to join the Spirit Airlines $9 fare club. With Spirit Airlines' $9 fare club comes the option of flexibility while traveling. No charges on first baggage check-in and reward points for each flight.

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