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How to Find the Cheapest Car Rental in Miami

If you are planning a vacation in Miami then you must be concerned about Car Rental in Miami. Miami is popular for its food, beach, weather, and non-stop nightlife. Miami International Airport is the US busiest airport which shows the excellent tourism environment. Well being such a popular vacation place causes high expense. Well, we are going to tell you how can you get the cheapest car rental in Miami

Rental cars in Miami are hard to find but we are going to tell you all about car rental in Miami with astonishing facilities and policies. Which will not only save you money but also provide you with free miles. Local taxis in Miami cost a fortune because of taxes and charges. Car rental in Miami airport can be budget-friendly if you choose Spirit Airlines car rental. You can receive free miles with Spirit car rental. Let's dig deep into it to find out all about car rental in Miami 

Do you need a car rental in Miami?

Yes, you need a car rental in Miami. Local transport doesn't cover the main area of Miami which is most loved by tourists. Taxis will charge you approximately $2.50 per mile with an additional waiting fine, base fee, and baggage charge. Most of the local taxis and car rentals have their own decided rate which can follow more taxes and charges. 

On the other hand, Spirit Airlines Miami international airport car rental is providing you with full comfort and fare price which will help you to enjoy your vacation and it is also pocket friendly.  

What is the unexpensive car rental company in Miami?

According to research cheapest car hire company in Miami is Spirit Airlines car rental service. It provides you with a car for only $0.75 per day and you can also get free miles depending on how many days you rented the car. For 1 to 4 days you can receive 50 free miles and for 5 + days you can receive 500 miles for no cost. 

How much is the Miami fuel price?

 The current average fuel rate is $4.458 and the Average Diesel rate is $5.496

How much does renting a car in Miami cost?

Car rental in Miami airport will cost approximately $2.50 per mile but some local car rentals in Miami have their separate fixed rates which can be from  $2.50 to $4.50. Some private/local car rental services charge $2245 per day for car rental in Miami. 

Car rental in Miami also charges if you don't pick up the car on time called the “waiting charge”.  There is also a particular value charged by the rental car per bag you are taking. On the other hand, Spirit Airlines' car rental policy requires you to pay a specific amount per mile specified at the time of booking. Also, the extra charge is only $ 0.75 per day. Apart from that, you don't have to pay anything.

What facilities does Spirit Airlines car rental provide?

Spirit airlines car rental is one of the best car rental services. Spirit Airlines is popular because of its convenient facilities which provide the utmost safety. Here is the list of all the facilities Spirit Airlines provide to its customers. 

  • Spirit car rental in Miami offers car rental insurance so you don't have to pay a penny if something happens while you rent a car. 
  • It provides you with Liability insurance which is a type of insurance in which an insurance company insures the insured for loss/damage caused by the body or property of a third party.  
  • You pay only when you receive your car.  If you booked a rental car for others at Miami Airport, you can also check in online  
  •  There is no cancellation fee, so you don't have to worry about situations that could lead to cancellation, such as flight delays. 
  •  If you are a minor, you can also hire a driver who has a valid driver's license in good condition. Driver details will be provided at the time of booking. 
  •  Free 50-500 miles for Spirit Airlines Club members. 
  •  Unlimited kilometers
  •  PEP means protection against personal injury. If you forget your baggage in the car and you return it then in that case the  responsibility lies entirely with the company 
  •  Personal accident insurance is the most addictive insurance offered by Spirit Car Rental Phoenix. Spirit Car Rental If something happens while driving Phoenix, the company will make insurance available to you or your family. 

How can I get free miles on Spirit car rental?

Spirit airlines car rental in Miami will provide you with free miles depending on your booking of car rental in Miami. If you are planning to book your car for 1 to 4 days then you will receive 50 miles for free.

 If you are planning for renting a Spirit car for 5 days then you will receive 500 for free.  Receiving 500 miles for free means you can travel from Miami to Cuba or Husk for absolutely free.  

How safe my belongings are in car rental in Miami?

Spirit car rental in Miami provides a lot of facilities that ensure customers about there safety. PEP Facilities is already mentioned above Let's talk about this facility in detail so that you could be sure about it. 

PEP facility,  Protection from any personal damage. What does PEP mean? PEP provides you the protection of your belongings like your bag, suitcase, purse, and even a normal water bottle. If you forget anything in the car and you returned the car then don't worry about it you will surely get it back. It may take some time.  

How can I hire car rental in Miami?

You can hire Spirit car rental by calling them on their toll-free number directly. You can also visit their website to rent a car. It is important to be 21 years old or more to rent a Spirit airline car. For renting a car, you have to mention the basic detail like your pick-up destination and how many days you want to rent a car.

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