Privacy Policy

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We aim to guard , secure all of your personal information that's obtained by us. we've the correct to update this privacy policy further in future. The policies that are followed by this site to make sure the protection of your personal details and data are listed below.

Privacy Policy

spritfly is dedicated to protecting the privacy of its customers. As we are a certified air travel company, we are bound to follow the US Privacy Act of 1974. We keep all your important details, information, personal, banking, and professional information under the thick layer of security. To help you understand all about how and what information we store is mentioned in our privacy policy Before you use our website in any way or book flight tickets, we recommend you check out all the sections of our privacy policy. Be informed that Spritfly values your feedback so in case you have any issues regarding our Privacy Policy or have any suggestions or even complaints you can avoid using our website or feel free to email us at

Cookie Policy

Like all other airlines or travel services providers, we also use cookies with the aim to enhance our online services and customer support services. When you visit our site, our website may drop cookie files directly or via a third-party agency into your browser or device memories. The only purpose of using cookies files is to just track and record the activities of users. As cookies files help us to understand the preferences of our users and customers, we use the cookies and caches files. Below are the main reasons due to which we use cookies and caches files:

Personal Information We May Collect

As a part of our attempt to safeguard the privacy of our esteemed customers and travelers, we keep the collected information on SSL (Secure Socket Layer) that ensures the security of your online transactions and communications. This feature is one of the most advanced and secured data protection systems which prevents hackers and fraudsters from accessing the database. However, Spritfly reserves the right to share your information with the third-party vendors, our business partners, and product suppliers such as airlines, hotels, car rental providers, and consolidators that may require the customer details in order to make a successful travel booking.

Personal Details

When you visit Spritfly, we may gather some information and facts from you that include:

Some additional information may also be required from you when you make any bookings through Spritfly. This type of data can consist of:

By sharing your personal information with us, you are indicating that you have complete authority to provide it to us and declaring that whatever information you are giving is accurate and complete.

The different ways we use to collect personal information of our customers include:

Newsletters, Offers, Deals, Discounts, and Amendments in Policy

Spritfly sends newsletters and updates about the latest deals and exciting offers to its customers regularly. If they feel, they can unsubscribe themselves from any such messages. Spritfly would notify its clientele in case of any changes made in the Privacy Policy.

Children below 18 Years

Children aged below 18 are not authorized to deal or transact with spritfly. All flight bookings and reservations of minors and passengers below the age of 18 have to be done by either their parents or guardians. If we find any reservation made by a minor then spritfly reserves the right of canceling such booking without taking any approval. And to avoid further clashes, we might impose a ban on the users from accessing the site.

Bank and Credit Card Details
  • At Spritfly we value not only the customers but also leave no stone unturned to protect their debit, credit, and bank account details. We respect the privacy of their personal information. So, we suggest our customers not make any payments after the completion of the e-ticket process. In case you receive any call or email from a person claiming to be from spritfly or some airline directly asking for payment or gift cards, we suggest you inform us and validate only if you receive emails from Spritfly.