Book Flights From New York To Miami At Best Rate

Book Flights From New York To Miami At Best Rate

New York and Miami are two main cities in the US. Both cities are best known for their beauty, best nightlife, economics, and business prosperity. Due to business-related work and personal reasons, a large number of people travel from New York to Miami. Some prefer to travel via road while many others prefer to book a flight from New York to Miami to cover the long distance of 1300 miles.

If you are also a frequent traveler from New York to Miami or vice-versa then I have a piece of good news for you. And the good news is that so many airlines offer cheap flight tickets from JFK, LGA, and EWR airport to MIA airport. Let’s find out the cheapest NYC to Miami flights.   

Which airlines fly direct from New York to Miami International airport?

A simple Google search will expose you to a long list of airlines that offer flights from New York airport to Miami. But, all of them are not direct and cheapest flights to Miami. As we are talking about booking the cheapest flight tickets to Miami from New York, it is important to talk about Spirit Airlines. Why? Because Spirit Airlines sell the cheapest flight tickets to most of the cities in the US and thankfully, they sell Miami flight tickets at the best rate too.

The cheapest Spirit flight tickets rate for Miami ranges from $56 to $80. One more thing that most of you would like is the fact that Spirit Airlines arranges more than 20 flights each day of the week. First Spirit flight takes off from Newark Liberty Airport in New York at 6:20 am (time might fluctuate). If you wish, you can book the afternoon, evening, and night Spirit flights. All the Cheap flights to Miami from NYC with Spirit Airlines are pocket-friendly and comparatively cheaper than the other airlines.

After Spirit Airlines, JetBlue, American Airlines, and Delta Airlines also sell cheap tickets to Miami from JFK, LGA, and EWR New York. Their airfares vary from $140 to $180. Experts recommend not to book flights with Low-cost-carrier such as Spirit and JetBlue if your travel is not confirmed. Do you know why? The reason for this is the strict Spirit Airlines flight cancellation policy. Be informed that after making a reservation, if you cancel your flight then you forget to get the refund from Spirit. According to the latest Spirit flight cancellation, a full or partial refund is not possible in the case of voluntary flight reservation cancelation. Unfortunately, the same is true with all Spirit flights from New York to Miami. You will not get a refund from Spirit if you cancel your flight.

How many flights are there in a week from New York to Miami?

Wondering how are flights from NY to Miami? I have got an answer to this question in the following section. 

Spirit Airlines, Delta Airlines, JetBlue Airlines, United Airlines, and American Airlines operate at least 15 flights each day in a month. If all the flights from various Airlines are put together then the total number of flights from New York (All Airports) to Miami (All Airports) will be 75 or more. 

New York to Miami flight time

How long does it take to fly from New York JFK to Miami International? This is quite a normal question that might come to the mind of travelers before making a reservation. Well, the answer to this question will give you pleasure. The direct flight which is available in sufficient numbers does not take more than 200 minutes. If we include the check-in, security, and luggage transfer time then the total traveling time might increase up to 280 minutes. However, the travel time further increases in case of flying with a one-stop or connecting flight. So, consider checking the departure and landing time while making the reservation.

Airlines that offer cheap flight tickets to Miami from New York

 I have already told you that there are many airlines that operate flights to Miami from New York. All the flights are available at different times from early morning to late at night. But, if you are looking forward to booking only the cheapest flight then Spirit Airlines should be your first choice. Spirit offers cheap flight tickets from New York to Miami and Fort Lauderdale Airport. Spirit airfare to Miami from New York varies from $60 to $120. For more information and to get an extra discounted fare, feel free to contact Spirit customer service. 

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