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Spirit Airlines Pet Policy for Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, And Birds

The thought of living a day without a pet can send a shiver down the spine of many pet lovers. Well, different people might have different reasons for staying away from their pets for one, two, and more days. But, if the reason is traveling or a long vacation then I have good news for you. And the good news is that now you can fly with your beloved dog, cat, or bird on Spirit Airlines. Yes, Spirit Airlines accepts flight reservations with pets.

If you are planning to fly with your domestic pet in and around the US then, I am sure; you are going to love the convenient and simple Spirit Airlines pet policy. The low-cost carrier – Spirit Airlines lets the passengers fly with their pets (in a container under the seat).

How much is Spirit Flight for a pet? Can I add a pet to a Spirit flight after booking? Does a pet count as a piece of carry-on baggage on Spirit? The answers to all these questions lie in understanding the Spirit Airlines policy for pets that we are going to discuss in this helping post.

Does Spirit Airlines allow pets (all types of pets)?

Due to security reasons and to ensure a hassle-free traveling experience, Spirit does not accept all pets on the flight. As we are talking about pets, it is important to mention that pets can be of so many types. In the US, different people have different kinds of pets. Dogs, cats, rabbits, and birds are some of the common pets. Such small-sized pets can fly with Spirit Airlines flights inside an appropriate container. But, this is not the case with big-sized and wild animals. Animals like a cow, horses, deer, snakes, and monkeys as a pet are not allowed to carry on the flight with Spirit Airlines.

As we are talking about what type of pets can fly with Spirit, it is important to consider the size of the pet and its container. The size of the container should not be more than 18x14x9 inches (LxWxH). In centimeters, the pet container size should be lesser than 45.72x35.56x22.86. Apart from the size, it is important for the pet that it can sit and move freely inside the container. There are a few things that matter a lot to get approval for traveling with a pet in Spirit Airlines. Keep on reading to educate yourself about traveling with your pet dog, cat, rabbit, or bird on Spirit.     

Now the question is: What kinds of pets can fly in Spirit Airlines? 

You can’t be more wrong if you think you can fly with all types of dogs, cats, and birds. Any pet with an oversized body can’t fly on Spirit flight. The same is applicable to cats and birds. An oversized pet means it can’t move and stay comfortably within the container which might cause pain and frustration to the pet which is not acceptable. In case you carry the oversized container more than the prescribed limit then it will not get fit below the seat which is not allowed either.

In short, you can carry small-sized pets such as a dog, cat, rabbit, and a bird that meets the preset size requirement. Apart from size, health, fitness, and behaviors of your pet also matter a lot. Your pet must behave normally, and calmly, and it should be perfectly fit mentally and physically.    

Types of pets are not allowed to fly with Spirit flight? 

There are many pets that are not allowed to fly in a Spirit flight even if they meet the maximum size requirement as mentioned above. Snakes, spiders, rodents, turtles, or any other poisonous creatures that might pose threat to the life of other passengers are not allowed to fly on Spirit Airlines.

How do I add a pet to my flight?

Good question! Whenever I tell people that they can travel with their pets on Spirit Airlines, I get this question. How to buy a seat for your dog in a Spirit Airlines flight? Well, what if I say that you don’t need to do anything except an additional payment? Yes, it is true.

You can spend a whole day but you will not find an option to book a seat for your pet on a Spirit Airlines flight as the official website the Spirit does not show any option to add a pet before or after making a reservation. Why? Because seats are not allowed for pets in Spirit Airlines. All pets are supposed to be kept under the front seat. In such a case, contacting Spirit Airlines customer service is the most logical thing to do to book a reservation for your beloved pet with Spirit flight.  

Spirit pet policy fee

No matter what kind of pet you are planning to carry with Spirit flight, the same fee is applicable for all. Whether you have to carry a puppy or adult dog or cat, Spirit charges a fee of $110 for all domestic flights. Just to be on the safer side, I recommend you first consult with a Spirit representative before confirming a flight with your pet. And once you made the reservation, dial the Spirit customer service number to add your pet to a flight on your ticket.

Spirit Airlines pet policy for international 

As of now, Spirit Airlines pet policy lets travelers fly with their pets only for domestic flights. You can consider booking a flight with any other airline if you want to fly with your pet from the US to any other country or vice-versa. For more information about international travel with your pet feel free to reach the Spirit reservation team.   

Spirit pet policy: terms and conditions for carrying a pet on Spirit flight?

In order to carry a pet successfully on a Spirit flight, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • Make sure you have a rabies vaccination certificate for your pets. The requirement of a rabies vaccination certificate is a must-to-have if you are traveling to Puerto Rico.
  • Spirit does not allow flying with birds to and from Puerto Rico flight or the U.S.V.I.
  • Spirit Airlines lets travelers carry a maximum of two pets in a container (if the pets get fitted easily).
  • One passenger can carry only one container.
  • Pet should be healthy, neat, and clean.
  • Container size should be under the limit but sufficient for pet movement.
  • The age of the pet should be lesser than 8 weeks.
  • Make sure that your pet doesn’t cause a disturbance while check-in and during the inspection at the Airport.
  • The combined weight (pet and container) shouldn’t be more than 40 pounds (18.14 kg).

Note: Any disobedience or failure to meet any or all terms applicable as per the Spirit Airlines pet policy might result in the cancelation of your pet's travel on a Spirit Airlines flight.

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