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Spirit Airlines Payment Options: Does Spirit Airlines Accept Cash?

To be very clear, when people say “what are Spirit payment methods,” they usually mean – “does Spirit accept payments through debit cards” or “does Spirit Airline accept cash money for reservation”. As you are reading this post, it seems like you also don’t know about the available and acceptable payment methods for Spirit Airlines reservations. If so then I welcome you to read this post.

When we realized that a large number of people don’t know whether or not they can make payment in cash, and the simple steps to remove their debit and credit card from Spirit Airlines account then we thought it would be a great idea to write on this topic. Right here in this helping post, you are going to get answers to all important questions that you must know.

There is one good thing to note before we start. In case you don’t have time and patience to read this quick post about payment options on Spirit Airlines, feel free to contact us. Experts can answer your question directly. So, as we always do, let’s start from the basics:  

What are the Spirit Airline payment options for making reservations?

People who ever traveled through Spirit Airlines know how simple it is to make a reservation. As being more than 40 years old airlines in the US, a large number of people know very well that Spirit Airlines tops the list of the ultra-low-cost-carriers. But, whether or not Spirit accepts prepaid cards is still a less known fact. What about making payments using PayPal on Spirit Airlines? Worry not! I answered all these questions in the next section.  

From booking a fully loaded holiday package to a one-way flight, simplicity is quite evident in all features of Spirit Airlines. To ensure the hassle-free payment experience and user-friendliness, Spirit Airlines has put in place multiple payment methods. A piece of good news is that Spirit Airlines accepts payment through debit cards, credit cards, and ACH Debit (E-Checks). In addition to that, Spirit Airlines accepts payment through the prepaid card which converts cash into card(e-money). Find more information in the coming section.

Does Spirit accept cash?

Until the break out of the Covid-19, Spirit Airlines used to accept payment in cash at many airports. But, now this is no longer a situation. In its attempt to curb the Coronavirus and in accordance with the guidelines, Spirit Airlines has stopped accepting payment in the form of cash money at the airport. However, one can visit the airport and book a Spirit reservation using a debit or credit card. Apart from the cash money, Spirit Airlines does not accept traveler’s checks, certified checks, Paypal, and money orders as a form of payment in lieu of reservation for domestic as well as international travelers.

Does Spirit accept debit cards? 

Yes, Spirit accepts debit cards. Not only the debit cards Spirit also accepts credit cards from all major banks and brands such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express. But, note that Spirit supports and accepts only one card at a time for making payment. With that being said, I mean, if you want to book a flight worth $199 and there is not enough balance available in your debit or credit card then your transaction and payment will certainly fail. In such a case, we recommend you first add money to your card and then make a payment. You can consider changing your card if required. How to change debit or credit cards on Spirit Airlines? It might be your next question. Answer to this question you can find in the coming section.  

Can you pay cash at the airport for the Spirit ticket? 

No is the answer to this question. Let me remind you what I have told you. I have already repeated – you can’t pay cash at the airport for a Spirit ticket at most of the airports available in the US. So, disregard the idea of paying in cash for a Spirit ticket at Spirit counter, office, or airport gate. For more information and the latest update, you can contact Spirit Airlines customer service.  

How do I change my payment method on Spirit Airlines? 

How to change or delete a card on Spirit Airlines might not be the first question that comes to your mind while making a reservation but it should be. Why? Let’s not forget that debit and credit cards come with expiry dates. And when a card reaches its expiry date, it results in unsuccessful payment and failed booking. That’s why you must learn how to remove a credit card or debit from your Spirit account. These are steps:

  • Open the Spirit Airlines site and log in to your Spirit Dining account.
  • Select cards from the available options.
  • After that select the delete tab available in front of your card ending number.
  • Now carefully select the type of card you want to delete.
  • Finally, select the confirm tab to remove a card from Spirit Airlines.

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