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Spirit Airline Name Change Policy: How Can You Change Name On Spirit Tickets?

Name change on Spirit Airlines ticket is possible 

You’ve been planning your holidays for weeks. You booked a hotel, car, and flight with Spirit Airlines. You’re ready for your next big journey and the worst happens: name misspelled on Spirit airline ticket. Making a reservation with an incorrect name is one of the most frustrating things to experience for any traveler. Thankfully, it does not happen all the time. Changing the name in hotel and car reservations is not a big deal. But, changing or correcting the name on a flight ticket can really be a big deal. And, frankly speaking, many airlines really give a hard time to travelers when it comes to changing a name on tickets. Gladly, this is not the case with Spirit Airlines. With the right method and steps, you can change traveler names on Spirit flight tickets. The answer to the question, “How to change the name on Spirit ticket” lies in understanding the Spirit Airlines name change or correction policy. So, to help you understand everything about the Spirit Airlines name change policy I am going to answer some of the commonly asked questions in the content below. In case you are not a great fan of reading articles, feel free to contact us.


What is Spirit Airline name change policy? 

The name correction policy of Spirit Airline is quite simple and straightforward. But, it does not mean that you can change the complete name on Spirit flight tickets. To be very clear, when people say, “ I want to change my name on Spirit flight tickets”, they might have so many meanings. Maybe they want to change only a character to correct the misspelling of the name. They might want to change the last name or complete name. Now here comes a point where you can find the Spirit Airline name change policy non-user-friendly. Why? Because, like many other airlines, Spirit Airlines also does not allow travelers to change their complete name on air tickets. Changing the complete name of the passenger means transferring a ticket to someone else which is not permissible on Spirit.


What if the name is misspelled on Spirit flight tickets? You don’t need to worry if a minor mistake has occurred in your name. For example, if your actual documented name is “Peter Jones” but on the ticket, it is registered as “Petre Jones” then you can definitely correct your name if you contact the Spirit Airline customer service with required documents at least 7 days before the actual date of travel.


How much does it cost to change name on a ticket on Spirit Airlines? 

Spirit Airline name change fee varies. A piece of good news is that if you have to change one character to fix the slight misspelling then Spirit Airlines doesn’t charge anything. Though this is not the case with a complete name change. With that being said, I mean, Spirit Airline name change policy states nothing clearly about the complete name change requirement. It seems to be not permitted but I recommend you once to get in touch with the Spirit Airline reservation team to find if there is any better way.

Can I transfer my spirit ticket to another person? 

No. You can’t transfer your Spirit flight ticket to someone else. Only the intended person under whose name a ticket has booked with Spirit only he or she can travel. Canceling the Spirit flight reservation and getting a refund can be the best thing you can do rather than taking the risk of being caught in making someone else travel on your Spirit ticket.

Documents Required to Change name on Spirit Airlines ticket

You can’t be more wrong if you think you will just dial the Spirit Airlines customer service number and your name will change on the ticket. Nothing is going to happen like this. Be informed that while requesting name correction on Spirit flight reservations, it is important to share some documents. Below are some documents which are acceptable for name change requests on Spirit Airlines:

  • Marriage License
  • Court Order
  • Divorce Decree
  • Legal Name Change Document
  • SSN
  • Passport

How do I change the traveler name on Spirit flight ticket?

As we are talking about how to change the name on Spirit Airline tickets, the importance of documents could not be overlooked. Whether you need to correct your first name or last name, one thing is clear, you will have to share at least one Government Approved id proof. If you have any supportive documents with your legal name mentioned, you can follow these steps to change your name on Spirit tickets.

  • Navigate to the Spirit Airlines website.
  • Now select the “Manage My Travel” tab from the top right corner of the home page.
  • Enter your name (traveler name) and booking confirmation in the given fields.
  • The next screen will open up with your travel details with an option to edit.
  • Select the edit booking and choose what kind of changes you want to make.
  • Enter the name (as per the documents) that you want to replace with the incorrect name.
  • Upload the supportive documents and send them.
  • Within the next 2-3 days, upon successful verification, Spirit Airlines will update your name on the ticket.  
  • Consider contacting Spirit Airlines if you don't hear back from them.

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