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Does Spirit Airlines Accept PayPal And Apple Pay in 2022?

PayPal is more than just a payment app. Its features like ACH payment, e-check deposit, split payments, direct deposit, bill me later, currency conversion, and family and friends payments; make PayPal the king of all the payments apps available in the world. And the worldwide acceptance of PayPal has made it the choice of a large number of people. But the million-dollar question – Does Spirit Airlines accept PayPal? This question is quite legitimate. As so many e-commerce sites, online stores, sellers, and service providers accept payment through PayPal. 

Hence, it is quite normal to wonder if you can make a Spirit reservation by paying from PayPal. Some of you, who are a proud user of Apple Pay, would like to know if Spirit Airlines accepts payment from Apple Pay. Let’s find out the answer to all these questions in the content below.

Can I use PayPal on Spirit Airlines? 

No. You can’t make payment with PayPal on Spirit Airlines. Even if you try to find and book a reservation on the Spirit website, at the payment page you will find an option to pay with your debit or credit card only. Apart from the bank debit and credit card, you can pay using Spirit credit card, points, and e-checks. But, as of now, PayPal is far from the reality as the payment method on Spirit.

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Does Spirit Airline accept Apple Pay?

Again the answer is – No. Spirit Airline does not accept payment from Apple Pay as well. To be more precise, Spirit Airlines does not accept payment from any payment app. Moreover, gift cards, prepaid cards, and cash money are also not acceptable on Spirit. However, Spirit used to accept Cash App money until the breakout of the Covid-19 in the US. But, in order to comply with the US Government guidelines and instructions, for more than two years, Spirit Airlines has not been receiving payment in the form of cash.  

What forms of Payment does Spirit accept?

Like many other airlines, the Spirit website accepts payment through Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and Discover cards. By that I mean, Spirit accepts payment from most of the debit and credit cards. Those who want to pay less and get more can use Spirit credit cards. Be informed that there are two types of Spirit Airlines debit cards. One is the Free Spirit Travel Credit Card and the second is the Free Spirit More Travel Credit card. Anywho loves to fly at pocket-friendly rates and has a good credit score can sign up for a free credit card on Spirit with ease of mind.

Personally, what I have liked the most is the Spirit flight saver subscription. The $9 Spirit flight saver subscription is really just awesome. This premium subscription lets the users avail a heavy discount on fresh flight reservations and a discount of up to 50% on baggage allowance.

Last Words

So, that was all about the available Spirit payment methods. Don’t forget what I have told you. PayPal and Apple Pay are not acceptable as payment methods on Spirit Airlines. In fact, not only PayPal but also many other payment apps such as Cash App, Chime, Zelle, Google Pay are also not acceptable at Spirit Airline as the payment method. Therefore be ready with your debit and credit card while booking a reservation on Spirit.

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